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May 6, 2008

Murphinator and the Mud Lake Militia

April 20, 2008

Muph gettin\' is sled on

The Murphinator gettin’ his sled on. (photo copyright 2008: Mark Jory)

Good ol\' ranger

The Mud Lake Militia’s preferred mode of transport.  Loaded up with three sleds and six dudes, for a half hour trip up the highway.  (photo copyright 2008: Mark Jory)

If you build it they will come.

If you build it, they will come.

Mike Ferrier knows how to party.  (photo copyright 2008: Sarah Peterson)


Burning skiis smells funny, and is bad for the environment… but it sure looks cool.  I really wish I had a pair of those skiis.  Yeah that’s right, I ski.  (photo copyright 2008: Sarah Peterson)

Hardingham, Keenan and Sarah Peterson all had fun at the nose-picking party.  Andrew won $30 dollars racing Jeff and Jonas Guinn in boardercross earlier that day; hence his look of pure joy.

Most days shooting I get 1 run.  I quickly realized in Blue River how horrible I am at scoping big mountain lines.  On this particular day I got to hit this rock jump at least 10 times, ending the session with a spectacular scorpion and punching myself in the head.  Awesome.  (photo copyright 2008: Mark Jory)


-John S

Signal Park Rocker

April 20, 2008

park-rocker-press-release1park rocker!New Signal deck, looks funnnnnnn.

Blue Continued.

March 26, 2008

So maybe I will just stop posting dates things will be ready… doesn’t seem to work.  I think we still have about 20+ tapes to capture to get up to date… god I hope we get out of the mini dv age next year. 

Blue River gave me a complete new perspective on snowboarding.  Amazing riding, and some of the nicest people I have ever met.  Thanks to James, Mike, Mark, Dave, Barney and Darryl.  These guys dropped some lines the likes of which I have never seen.  Mark, Dave and Barney are three kiwis, who just decided to buy sleds, move to Blue River, and snowboard everyday. These guys don’t quit, day in, day out, they gave ‘er all season. 

Here are some photos courtesy of Mark Jory (all images copyright 2008: Mark Jory).  He just started shooting seriously this year, but damn he’s got the eye. dsc_0067.jpgMike Chapman with another choice double stager. dsc_0092.jpg James “Murphinator” Murphy droppin’ hammers on the noboard.  Pillow lines with no bindings???dsc_0114.jpgBarney Wooster makes nice lines.  He reminds me of Indiana Jones.dsc_0226.jpg “ooops.” dsc_0026.jpg“Are we aloud to snowboard there?”dsc_0063.jpgA perfect ending.    -John S.  

Teaser? Nah… just Blue River her.

March 23, 2008

Hello, It’s Mikey (Chapman) here… just got back to the Okanagan for a week with the parents.  My time in Blue River with the boys (James Murphy, Darryl Dobson, and threee amazing Kiwi riders: Mark, Dave and Barney)  was amazing to say the least.  After dragging John up we finally got some filming done.  It’s really hard to describe the terrain in the area… it’s kinda like hot chocolate a minus 50 with heated socks just turned on… that good.  While there I watched a sled roll a good 600′ vertical with about 50 rolls, I watched a Kiwi get buried, and a couple 50 footers dropped.  It was my first time but I can guarantee it will not be the last.  I just hope gas chills out a bit.  How the heck can you run a sled on premium at a dollar fifty!? -Mike Cdsc_0158.jpg (photo copyright 2008: Mark Jory)Mike C doin’ his thing.. Watch for a complete update on monday, when I finally sit down in front of a computer with some power.  And a teaser by the end of the month?  You’ll have to wait and see!  -John S 

Fun in the Fog.

February 19, 2008

Ok, so it’s been a while since we posted a video. Last week we had a down day, with lots of friends around, so we decided to shoot a web vid in the Whistler park. Special thanks to Joe Bariesheff for his beautiful voice, and Zane Baines, for his magical ender powers (and super cool name).

You may have noticed that Jon Versteeg just took over the last blog post. Apparently my captions are “lame”. Either way I think he did a pretty good job, how ’bout you? I think he will be doin’ a lot more posts, thanks Jon. Oooooh and guess what? He just got his brand new Nomis outerwear! Now he can stomp off of powder jumps! Look out for some backcountry bangers from Jon… when the teaser drops first week of March!!!

-John S

JoyTron’s backcountry post of love.

February 18, 2008


Logan was in the mood to shovel and hike for 4 days. So he got out big red and we trecked. See Big Red in future blog posts.


We didnt know where to build a jump, so we just built them everywhere. We barely finished building and John’s already scoping out the next spot.


Crack a cold one and come on down to Alex Moreofit’s Burger Lounge.


Logan got shots. Suprise! Switch back sev? Perhaps a double cork ten? GUESS THAT TRICK!


Logan Hogwrench b-flipping our ledge jump. Taking the streets to the hills.img_0446.jpg

Alex scaling 78 degree mountain steeps.


Jon couldn’t land any flashy maneuvers, so Logan decided to do the trick for him. “Strap in Jonny”.


Early morning and not impressed on the tourist to us ratio.


Alex covering his babyish complexion with a tasty Mayday. Hiding from the sun.


Man eater Dave ’twas in the house, getting swell with second angles.


Sunset Whistler is always a delicious sight. Drink it in, it always goes down smooth.

– Jon V