Frame Grab Fridays

First up… friends section.

Scott Hunter shows us how it’s done.
Not one for baseball. Andrew Skelhorn gets creative.
Badminton on the glacier? Jennelle Nicole-Pritchard shows us how to combine shuttlecocks and snowboarding.
Yeah, that’s right, we’re down with Mario… arm steez and all.
Torstein Horgmo always does things a little differently.
Funnest and funniest day of snowboarding ever, courtesy of Jonas Guinn, one foot master.
Zach Aller likes to make things more difficult than they have to be. Will he make it through?
Sean Doucet is pretty. The consequences of this rock covered boneyard gap were not. I guess that’s what you get when you build jumps in construction sites.
Surprise. Skyler Flavelle got very dirty this day, but not before he got very greasy on this Vancouver landmark.
Derek Lachmann experiments with break dancing on the snow. I never get tired of watching this.

There you have it. So who do you want to see next? Place your votes. I will probably post 3 from each of the other sections.


4 Responses to Frame Grab Fridays

  1. Connor says:

    With so many unique and interesting screen grabs one cannot deny for even a second the the feature length joytron film will be anything but extraordinary. I have decided to make a detailed review on this post as it may be a once in a lifetime experience to be somewhat involved with that which we know as joytron.!

    The first picture sends shivers down my spine as an onlooker of a snowboarding jump of such magnitude. One can only imagine the horrors of going off of that full speed and being one with the seagulls for aproximately 5 seconds. Hopefully no one perished that day.

    The second picture is an interesting take on a common sport of the 20th century. After so many years of little change in baseball it is refreshing to see someone trying to progress the sport and add to the history of americas greatest game.

    The third picture takes snowboarding down a different route. one which very few know of. While the lads and lasses are trying to do the hardest trick as society led them to do it is amazing that some people still realise the rules are not set in stone and can be broken. This is a prime example of how unique snowboarding can be. It would be to some an outrage if a basketball player began playing badminton during a match but thats where snowboarding is different.

    Over the years a number of remarkable and breathtaking video game have been released. If you ask most gamers though which one had the greatest impact on their life 9 out of 10 will agree that the super mario brothers series of video games are a staple of 20th and 21st century’s ability to go above and beyond in the call of duty and create what many believe to be a masterpiece. Earlier periods may have had greats like thomas edison and the like but noone with match the raw fury of nintendo.

    As we come to the fifth picture it dawns on me how much we take for granted. While this torstein character is whirling through the air is he really what the audience should be looking at? If you gaze off into the distance you will see that there is a new dawn on the horizon and through the haze a picturesque mountain landscape. It’s lonely and desolate, but for that split second it and torstein shared something many will never experience.

    Ah yes here we are, black and white it does take me back some years. Is coloured film really a step up in technology? Were the days of black and white not some of the greatest years any of us have seen? This is a step in the right direction and hopefully snowboard filmmaking will keep following this. Hopefully within 2 years there will be no need for video, only writing. Is a television program really better than something written by a legendary playwrite? Of course not! Once people start documenting snowboarding in writing as opposed to moving images the birds will once again sing their song.

    Next we come across a truly stunning image of a lad floating over an untouched valley plain. His sorrows may not be left behind but taking in the scenery from that perch must be a wondrous opportune. If one looks closely at the image you can almost here him saying “Good tidings to all! And to all a good night!” Truly remarkable.

    But I digress, this next image takes us closer to home. It gives you a tue sense of what is real and what dangers await us at every bend. It’s hard to imagine that humans are capable of being so close to danger yet pressing onwards(pun intended of course).

    Based on this final image it’s clear that this lad has gone above and beyond the boundaries or modern physics. He’s proven that although the documented laws may not aprove of his ideas but the only way to make ideas fact is to prove them and I believe he has done and excellent job. Congradulations Derek, this will be in the textbooks of times to be had.

    At first glance these screen grabs may just be snowboarders posing in the air, on the land and on the steel of our modern era there is more to this than meets the eye. A picture is worth a thousand words and I barely wrote the first sentance of each of these. Hopefully more will delve into the deepe meanings of these screen grabs and the true stories will finally be told.

  2. lanz says:

    Awsome post, i want to see jon versteeg or troy erickson, but please jon first hes amazing!

  3. mike says:

    Sequence shots, hot dogs, and fat dudes front siding

  4. stuff says:

    its a mario

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