Grease Your Glacier.

So, shred season is finished! Unless your headed to the southern hemisphere, it’s all over till next winter. I can’t wait, but am glad to be done at the same time. In heavy, eyes turning square, edit mode right now. Here is a little something to remind you how great it truly was. Oh, and don’t worry, more web edits to come, to help hold you over till the snow flies. GYC part 2? Maybe? Apologies for the delays here folks. Please enjoy!



4 Responses to Grease Your Glacier.

  1. ryan S. says:

    john your movies got sole brotha

  2. camerontheoren says:

    john, the only thing i’ve shredded is cheese. The only grease I know is greasy.

  3. dainalightfoot says:

    You have got some sick shots there… keep ‘er comin’

  4. Connor says:

    Rather excellent my good sir

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