One Shot

I know, it’s not snowboarding, but we also love music (and music videos).  The other day a particular video caught my eye, and sent me on a spree.  Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you, Liam Finn, the new king of the one shot music video:

You all know Feist loves ’em:

A really nice one from Wintersleep (congrats on the juno boys!… ok you too Feist):

One I have always loved from Iron and Wine.  What a great song.  I believe Sam Beam directs his own videos… multitalented:

Weakerthans did one too… not as cool… maybe cuz i dread those freakin’ yellow and orange busses:

Weezer, of course:

The Chilis too!  I never realized how short Frusciante was… cool… and what a voice:

Thank you Orson Welles… thank you Mr. Vargas.  If you haven’t seen “Touch of Evil”, check it out… it’s at least worth a good laugh.


-John S


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