Murphinator and the Mud Lake Militia

Muph gettin\' is sled on

The Murphinator gettin’ his sled on. (photo copyright 2008: Mark Jory)

Good ol\' ranger

The Mud Lake Militia’s preferred mode of transport.  Loaded up with three sleds and six dudes, for a half hour trip up the highway.  (photo copyright 2008: Mark Jory)

If you build it they will come.

If you build it, they will come.

Mike Ferrier knows how to party.  (photo copyright 2008: Sarah Peterson)


Burning skiis smells funny, and is bad for the environment… but it sure looks cool.  I really wish I had a pair of those skiis.  Yeah that’s right, I ski.  (photo copyright 2008: Sarah Peterson)

Hardingham, Keenan and Sarah Peterson all had fun at the nose-picking party.  Andrew won $30 dollars racing Jeff and Jonas Guinn in boardercross earlier that day; hence his look of pure joy.

Most days shooting I get 1 run.  I quickly realized in Blue River how horrible I am at scoping big mountain lines.  On this particular day I got to hit this rock jump at least 10 times, ending the session with a spectacular scorpion and punching myself in the head.  Awesome.  (photo copyright 2008: Mark Jory)


-John S


2 Responses to Murphinator and the Mud Lake Militia

  1. Looks like some good times. Anything with boogers is great.

  2. super sweds 4 says:

    Burning stuff kicks ass!

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