Blue Continued.

So maybe I will just stop posting dates things will be ready… doesn’t seem to work.  I think we still have about 20+ tapes to capture to get up to date… god I hope we get out of the mini dv age next year. 

Blue River gave me a complete new perspective on snowboarding.  Amazing riding, and some of the nicest people I have ever met.  Thanks to James, Mike, Mark, Dave, Barney and Darryl.  These guys dropped some lines the likes of which I have never seen.  Mark, Dave and Barney are three kiwis, who just decided to buy sleds, move to Blue River, and snowboard everyday. These guys don’t quit, day in, day out, they gave ‘er all season. 

Here are some photos courtesy of Mark Jory (all images copyright 2008: Mark Jory).  He just started shooting seriously this year, but damn he’s got the eye. dsc_0067.jpgMike Chapman with another choice double stager. dsc_0092.jpg James “Murphinator” Murphy droppin’ hammers on the noboard.  Pillow lines with no bindings???dsc_0114.jpgBarney Wooster makes nice lines.  He reminds me of Indiana Jones.dsc_0226.jpg “ooops.” dsc_0026.jpg“Are we aloud to snowboard there?”dsc_0063.jpgA perfect ending.    -John S.  


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