Teaser? Nah… just Blue River her.

Hello, It’s Mikey (Chapman) here… just got back to the Okanagan for a week with the parents.  My time in Blue River with the boys (James Murphy, Darryl Dobson, and threee amazing Kiwi riders: Mark, Dave and Barney)  was amazing to say the least.  After dragging John up we finally got some filming done.  It’s really hard to describe the terrain in the area… it’s kinda like hot chocolate a minus 50 with heated socks just turned on… that good.  While there I watched a sled roll a good 600′ vertical with about 50 rolls, I watched a Kiwi get buried, and a couple 50 footers dropped.  It was my first time but I can guarantee it will not be the last.  I just hope gas chills out a bit.  How the heck can you run a sled on premium at a dollar fifty!? -Mike Cdsc_0158.jpg (photo copyright 2008: Mark Jory)Mike C doin’ his thing.. Watch for a complete update on monday, when I finally sit down in front of a computer with some power.  And a teaser by the end of the month?  You’ll have to wait and see!  -John S 


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