JoyTron’s backcountry post of love.


Logan was in the mood to shovel and hike for 4 days. So he got out big red and we trecked. See Big Red in future blog posts.


We didnt know where to build a jump, so we just built them everywhere. We barely finished building and John’s already scoping out the next spot.


Crack a cold one and come on down to Alex Moreofit’s Burger Lounge.


Logan got shots. Suprise! Switch back sev? Perhaps a double cork ten? GUESS THAT TRICK!


Logan Hogwrench b-flipping our ledge jump. Taking the streets to the hills.img_0446.jpg

Alex scaling 78 degree mountain steeps.


Jon couldn’t land any flashy maneuvers, so Logan decided to do the trick for him. “Strap in Jonny”.


Early morning and not impressed on the tourist to us ratio.


Alex covering his babyish complexion with a tasty Mayday. Hiding from the sun.


Man eater Dave ’twas in the house, getting swell with second angles.


Sunset Whistler is always a delicious sight. Drink it in, it always goes down smooth.

– Jon V


5 Responses to JoyTron’s backcountry post of love.

  1. ben says:

    so jealous! ill be there soon!

  2. Thug says:

    Damn straight you will be…Boss.

  3. curls says:

    these captions were mad lame… like Franklin Roosevelt’s legs.

  4. Rambamdandi says:

    Weather looks nice…..yeah ….real nice when I leave…how nice. Lovin the shots. nice

  5. Brad says:

    i need to really come out soon

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