Sliding wood with Chris Seara.


(Photo copyright Rugge Preto, 2008)

So after an awesome powder sesh today, we headed over to a Whistler landmark. Joined by old friend and Big White OG Chris Seara, the crew promptly began to tear this bridge apart. Chris threw down some very interesting grabbed maneuvers.


(photo copyright Rugge Preto 2008)

Probably one of the hardest parts of my job is capturing the footage of one man, Logan Haubrich. Thanks alot smoketart. I don’t even want to guess what I’m gonna end up calling this combo.


(photo copyright Rugge Preto 2008)

Aaron “Trout” Maksymec of recent SBC fame was on hand to help us capture the action.

– John S


2 Responses to Sliding wood with Chris Seara.

  1. Daniel says:

    Nice pics… Im up in Whistler at the mo and was wondering where that bridge is?

  2. Bryan G. says:

    show more of jon’s back 9s

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