JoyTron hits the KNOW?show.


Earlier this week a bunch of us headed down to Vancouver to check out the KNOW?show. We hung out with some old friends, met a lot of cool people, and checked out some sweeet 08-09 gear. Man snowboard gear is cool.


Tim Barnard supplied some pretty amazing live art.


Greg and Jaron chillin’ at the Signal booth. Mmmmm, Signal coffee is niiiiice.


The Time Bomb booths were some of the most amazing displays of design and ingenuity I have ever seen.  They had guys hired specially to help set up and take down the booths.  For a team of 3 they said it took 7 or 8 hours… wow.

Thanks again to Curly Lundgren for putting us up in his luxurious UBC apartment. You’re the best, pal.img_0141.jpg Curly says: “empty spaces are good for the imagination”.

-John S


2 Responses to JoyTron hits the KNOW?show.

  1. mstromquist says:

    nice hoodie troy.

  2. Brocklebank says:

    I think I made the cut!

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