Fun in the Fog.

February 19, 2008

Ok, so it’s been a while since we posted a video. Last week we had a down day, with lots of friends around, so we decided to shoot a web vid in the Whistler park. Special thanks to Joe Bariesheff for his beautiful voice, and Zane Baines, for his magical ender powers (and super cool name).

You may have noticed that Jon Versteeg just took over the last blog post. Apparently my captions are “lame”. Either way I think he did a pretty good job, how ’bout you? I think he will be doin’ a lot more posts, thanks Jon. Oooooh and guess what? He just got his brand new Nomis outerwear! Now he can stomp off of powder jumps! Look out for some backcountry bangers from Jon… when the teaser drops first week of March!!!

-John S


JoyTron’s backcountry post of love.

February 18, 2008


Logan was in the mood to shovel and hike for 4 days. So he got out big red and we trecked. See Big Red in future blog posts.


We didnt know where to build a jump, so we just built them everywhere. We barely finished building and John’s already scoping out the next spot.


Crack a cold one and come on down to Alex Moreofit’s Burger Lounge.


Logan got shots. Suprise! Switch back sev? Perhaps a double cork ten? GUESS THAT TRICK!


Logan Hogwrench b-flipping our ledge jump. Taking the streets to the hills.img_0446.jpg

Alex scaling 78 degree mountain steeps.


Jon couldn’t land any flashy maneuvers, so Logan decided to do the trick for him. “Strap in Jonny”.


Early morning and not impressed on the tourist to us ratio.


Alex covering his babyish complexion with a tasty Mayday. Hiding from the sun.


Man eater Dave ’twas in the house, getting swell with second angles.


Sunset Whistler is always a delicious sight. Drink it in, it always goes down smooth.

– Jon V

Sliding wood with Chris Seara.

February 7, 2008


(Photo copyright Rugge Preto, 2008)

So after an awesome powder sesh today, we headed over to a Whistler landmark. Joined by old friend and Big White OG Chris Seara, the crew promptly began to tear this bridge apart. Chris threw down some very interesting grabbed maneuvers.


(photo copyright Rugge Preto 2008)

Probably one of the hardest parts of my job is capturing the footage of one man, Logan Haubrich. Thanks alot smoketart. I don’t even want to guess what I’m gonna end up calling this combo.


(photo copyright Rugge Preto 2008)

Aaron “Trout” Maksymec of recent SBC fame was on hand to help us capture the action.

– John S

JoyTron hits the KNOW?show.

February 7, 2008


Earlier this week a bunch of us headed down to Vancouver to check out the KNOW?show. We hung out with some old friends, met a lot of cool people, and checked out some sweeet 08-09 gear. Man snowboard gear is cool.


Tim Barnard supplied some pretty amazing live art.


Greg and Jaron chillin’ at the Signal booth. Mmmmm, Signal coffee is niiiiice.


The Time Bomb booths were some of the most amazing displays of design and ingenuity I have ever seen.  They had guys hired specially to help set up and take down the booths.  For a team of 3 they said it took 7 or 8 hours… wow.

Thanks again to Curly Lundgren for putting us up in his luxurious UBC apartment. You’re the best, pal.img_0141.jpg Curly says: “empty spaces are good for the imagination”.

-John S

Randi needs a home!!!

February 7, 2008


ATTENTION WHISTLER. Our good friend Randi Metz is in dire need of a place in Whistler. You may remember her name from a few posts ago. She is the founder and owner of Mayday, which means that she makes really cool gadgets to protect your face from the elements. Not only that, she is a real sweetie. So if you are looking for a responsible, respectful roomate (and the possibility of some cool garments), please leave us a comment, or check the contact page to get in touch with us.

Thanks everyone!

-John S

Alex Murovec lives in Whistler.

February 7, 2008


Team rider Alex Murovec finally made the move from Kelowna to Whistler last week. The 17 year old has been dominating the scene at Big White for years. Keep an eye out for him on the slopes, real nice kid.


(Photo copyright Rugge Preto, 2008)

-John S