Trade Show Season


So the trade show season is upon us. We cut up a little industry teaser to send some folks in fabulous Las Vegas. Look for us down in Van City for the know?show February 3rd to 5th. Should be a blast. Special thanks to Phil George at Signal for all his help with this. Thanks also to Curly Lundgren and Magdalena Quintana, without great friends like you this would never have happened.And now we jib!

-John S


5 Responses to Trade Show Season

  1. curlzzz says:

    no problem babe— just glad your finally home safe and sound.

  2. curlzzz says:

    i think my title should be changed to “professional passenger.”

  3. ben says:

    legit! legit!

  4. tyy clark says:

    those look like beautys!

    john or troy, i wanna see the teaser, can you email me about how i can watch it?


    and good work dewds

  5. joytron says:

    Public teaser will be released end of February. Sorry Tyy you’ll have to wait till then, unless you visit us in Whistler.

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