Chapman’s back from Japan.

img_0117.jpgOur good friend and teammate Michael Chapman spent the start of his winter training for a new (real) career in San Francisco and Japan. Now he’s back, and ready to shred. This kid’s good, so keep an eye out for him. He’s in Whistler for a week, and then heading to Blue River, so hopefully in that time I can convince him to stop by, and fill you all in on his travels. img_0113.jpg

Karla Charlton has been takin’ some sweet photos for us lately. She is funny.


Jon always makes a good impression. During his first session of the season with Mike, he didn’t stop capping him with the airsoft. More fun to come I’m sure.

-John S


2 Responses to Chapman’s back from Japan.

  1. smoketart says:

    ya i knwo him and her and him and theyre awsome, stay joyTRONICED

  2. joytron says:

    look at the bear mother fuca looks 30

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