JoyTron presents “Alpha”


So now you know. The name of the new flick is “Alpha”.

Isn’t photoshop fun?

-John S


9 Responses to JoyTron presents “Alpha”

  1. matthew says:


  2. kevin Swanson says:

    i liiiiike

  3. Jon Bearsteeg says:


  4. Jake says:

    Ooooh that’s nice.

  5. hot dog this shit is the tits! Can’t wait to see!!

  6. Real Bearsteeg says:

    just so you all know, the movie is gonna be called “THE GUN SHOW”. John and Troy were just kidding on Alpha.

  7. joytron says:

    Bearsteeg’s got guns, but he’s a liar! Yes it’s called alpha. But still, stop by our place and measure your guns if you’re interested.

  8. Real Bearsteeg says:

    his mouth says alpha but his heart says gun show

  9. wild!—>can’t wait to see it!

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