Class Five at COC

Here’s a cool little edit from the summer.  James Friedrich, Kurtis Rothecker, Jon Pullar and I test out some decks at the Camp of Champions.  Probably the biggest (and nicest) park us prairie boys have ever seen.  Stop by Class Five Snowboards to check out the Electro Labs.  I think they are almost sold out, so if you’re interested act fast.  The funnest deck I’ve ever ridden, and the graphics are a hot ass collaboration from Justin Swedberg and John Antoski.  Thanks to friends Connor Copithorn and Aaron Maksymec for the footy.  Peace. 

– John S 


2 Responses to Class Five at COC

  1. James says:

    Nice work John. I am so stoked on that vid! Thanks again for putting it all together, it looks amazing!

  2. Jon Pullar says:

    Lookin good John. I will be in Whis for a couple weeks this summer , hope your there. Oh ya email me your mailing address. I have some clothing to hook you up with.
    – Jp

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