Chapman’s back from Japan.

January 30, 2008

img_0117.jpgOur good friend and teammate Michael Chapman spent the start of his winter training for a new (real) career in San Francisco and Japan. Now he’s back, and ready to shred. This kid’s good, so keep an eye out for him. He’s in Whistler for a week, and then heading to Blue River, so hopefully in that time I can convince him to stop by, and fill you all in on his travels. img_0113.jpg

Karla Charlton has been takin’ some sweet photos for us lately. She is funny.


Jon always makes a good impression. During his first session of the season with Mike, he didn’t stop capping him with the airsoft. More fun to come I’m sure.

-John S


Trade Show Season

January 30, 2008


So the trade show season is upon us. We cut up a little industry teaser to send some folks in fabulous Las Vegas. Look for us down in Van City for the know?show February 3rd to 5th. Should be a blast. Special thanks to Phil George at Signal for all his help with this. Thanks also to Curly Lundgren and Magdalena Quintana, without great friends like you this would never have happened.And now we jib!

-John S

JoyTron presents “Alpha”

January 25, 2008


So now you know. The name of the new flick is “Alpha”.

Isn’t photoshop fun?

-John S

Class Five at COC

January 21, 2008

Here’s a cool little edit from the summer.  James Friedrich, Kurtis Rothecker, Jon Pullar and I test out some decks at the Camp of Champions.  Probably the biggest (and nicest) park us prairie boys have ever seen.  Stop by Class Five Snowboards to check out the Electro Labs.  I think they are almost sold out, so if you’re interested act fast.  The funnest deck I’ve ever ridden, and the graphics are a hot ass collaboration from Justin Swedberg and John Antoski.  Thanks to friends Connor Copithorn and Aaron Maksymec for the footy.  Peace. 

– John S 

Rugge’s here!

January 17, 2008

Yo, whats up ya’ ll. I’m Rugge Preto from far far away Argentina.

I’m riding Canada for the second year in a row now, and I’m stoked on being at Whistler. This was my lifetime dream, and now it’s true, ride on son!

I’m riding with the whole JoyTron crew, shooting pics and having fun with these awesome guys. Check out the videos and the pics I hope U like them, we work really hard for them haha.



Rugge cold chillin’ on the top of Whistler._mg_5624.jpg

The boys gettin’ ready for a session (photo: Rugge Preto 2008).img_5659.jpg

Colton Showers gettin’ it done (photo: Rugge Preto, 2008).

Silver Star Rail Jam (dec 29/07)

January 15, 2008

While back home there was rail jam at our old local hill, Silver Star.  Good crowd, good set up, good friends.


Thank God, I mean Randi, for Mayday!

January 15, 2008

img_0380.jpgimg_0067.jpgSuper gnarly out today, gale force winds on top of snow covered hills, thank God I had my Mayday. I heard winds were 80 km/h plus. Built a perf jump through a lift tower. My borrowed outerwear froze to complete solidness. Just Grand!

-Jon Vimg_0373.jpg